Best Filmarte Cinematography

Best Filmarte Cinematography
Death Offers Life – last moments of Vincent Van Gogh
Noushad Shereef

Feed or Bleed India
Susheel Jangira

To A God Unknown
Samantha Casella

Death Offers Life – last moments of Vincent Van Gogh
Noushad Shereef


Filmarte Oficial Selection

Arcano 23, Bruno Miguel Resende, Portugal

Taxi is Here, Sara Aghababayan, Iran

Pandemic Prospering Part 1, Travis Walker, United States

Feed or Bleed India, Susheel Jangira, India

John Vento “Well Yeah Maybe”,  Michael Stover, United States

Kristen Karma “Dear John”, Michael Stover, United States

308 Ghost Train – Worn, Michael Stover, United States

Ed Roman “Red Omen”, Michael Stover, United States

TRUSS UP,  Abhishek Basu, India

Simile, SS Jishnu Dev, India

Searching For A Comet, The St. Louis Comet Demo Reel, Carol Jackson, United States

Banalities, Rafael Andrade, Brasil

THE TEA AT THE BOTTOM OF THE Teapot, Lou Ma Ho, France

Beholden, Akshay Gouri, India

Death Offers Life – last moments of Vincent Van Gogh, Madhu Ramanathan, India

Yet Unknown Sky, Ayanjit Sen, India

Sweet Summer Child, Niki Borger, United States

Light, Jim Porter, United States

A Portrayal of a Subtle Suicide, Niki Borger, United States

DIEGESIS, Gabriel Ângulo, Peru

To A God Unknown, Samantha Casella, Italy

Goodbye Berlin, Linda Gegusch, Germany

The Nurses of Blackchapel, Linda Gegusch, Germany, Phillip E. Walker, United States

WineGame, Phillip E. Walker, United States

Durga’s Lock down, Mitesh Take, India

The Key Of Life, Anku Parashar, India

FSFF General Rules

  1. We have open submission policy for all feature films, short films and music videos, they may have screened at other festivals and/or be avaiable online.

2. We will only consider finished Movies.

3. We will emphasis selection on creativity, authenticity, originality and independence.

4. We will select only Short Movies with 15 minutes maximum.

Filmarte Short Film Fest

Filmarte Short Film Festival is going to open call soon. Being a Short Film Festival, we look for Cinema in all expressions.

All shorts must be at maximum 15 minutes and in English or Portuguese dialogues or subtitles.

‘We encourage committed filmmakers to submit via FilmFestivalLife. With monthly subscriptions and pro accounts FilmFestivalLife is the smartest way to save money with a strategic approach. Join the platform where award-winning filmmakers and quality festivals meet.’